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Burnt Cream

Burnt Cream

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  • Christmas in Paris 2013

    17 November 2013

    Coming from London, Christmas in Paris can actually be a little disappointing. Whereas London goes crazy in the run-up to Christmas, Paris is rather more subdued (the French prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve, after all.) Nevertheless, place de la Concorde...

  • French Café Culture - what you need to know!

    09 March 2011 ( #pinned, #craft coffee )

    if you've been at all exposed to the French culture as portrayed in the films, TV series and magazines, you probably already have an image of a stylish Parisian woman sitting on a café terrace, smoking a cigarette, and nursing an espresso. It seems to...

  • La Pâtisserie des Rêves, 75116

    12 January 2015 ( #afternoon tea, #sweet treats )

    “Et voila” she scowls as she throws the plates down in front of us. La Pâtisserie des Rêves has been an address I’ve long admired. It was during my first week in Paris that I had my first taste of the Paris-Brest… but my love peaked at the moment that...

  • Le 6 Paul Bert, 75011

    21 April 2014 ( #restaurant review )

    UPDATE (Feb 2015): I went back to Le 6 Paul Bert for dinner with some friends two days ago. In the evening, the restaurant offers a prix fixe menu at 44 euros, comprising four courses (starter-fish-meat-dessert.) I understand they’re undergoing some staff...

  • The Next Big Food Trend...?

    04 August 2013

    "Congé Annuel." I'm really starting to despise those two little words. The above photo comes courtesy of my local wine shop. Two months of holiday?! It's not just wine (although as you know, that is a subject very dear to my heart) but it's getting nigh-on...

  • Red Dresses and White Truffles

    25 October 2013

    Please excuse the radio silence. I got out of Paris again to visit more wineries in Italy. This time I focussed on the big names, up in the rugged and foggy Piedmont area. It was the perfect moment to visit because the harvest was just coming to an end...

  • Getting out of Paris: Italy

    31 July 2011

    Sometimes, just sometimes, there are things that Paris can’t offer you: consistently hot sun kitchen gardens, offering lemons, courgettes, tomatoes, bay leaves... beautifully bronzed men wearing white linen shirts and caramel-coloured trousers.... (.......

  • Golosino, 75005

    02 January 2015 ( #restaurant review )

    The rue Mouffetard is known for many things… but to find a good Italian pizza joint along this cute, narrow cobbled street n’est pas évident. It was only because of a tip-off from Thomas at DOSE, the neighbourhood coffee shop, that I even gave a second...

  • "Paris en 50 plats"

    23 December 2012 ( #restaurant review )

    To celebrate the launch of Time Out Paris' new guide, "Les 50 Plats Qui Font Paris" last weekend, I spent a crazy four hours cycling round Paris trying out five of their suggested 50 places. It all started off with a taco (the "Carneros") and a glass...

  • La Recyclerie, 75018

    07 October 2014 ( #restaurant review )

    In a most unsuspecting part of the 18th arrondissement you will find one of the new hipster hang-outs in the capital. It’s a large space (previously the Gare Ornano) at the Porte de Clignancourt which has been transformed into a multi-functional “concept”...

  • La Pointe du Grouin, 75010

    27 June 2013 ( #wine, #restaurant review, #pinned )

    Being a Brit in Paris, I spend a fair chunk of my time hanging around the Eurostar terminal in the grotty Gare du Nord. Either it's because I'm getting away for a weekend or, and more often than not recently, it's because I'm meeting friends who are in...

  • Pozzetto, 75004

    17 June 2012 ( #ice cream, #craft coffee, #pinned )

    UPDATE 2015: On the rue du Roi de Sicile in the lower part of the Marais, not a million miles away from Hotel de Ville, is an address that ought to be in your little black book. Pozzetto are masters of artisanal Italian gelato. Unlike competitors Berthillon...

  • Avant Comptoir, 75006

    21 November 2013 ( #restaurant review )

    I have actually been known to wake in the middle of the night with cold sweats, if I haven’t had Avant Comptoir’s confit de canard hot dog within the last two weeks. If you can’t get a reservation for Yves Camdeborde’s restaurant Le Comptoir du Relais...

  • Aux Charpentiers, 75006

    03 April 2014 ( #restaurant review )

    “Food and love have two things in common….. they are both temporary but should bring pleasure” says Aux Charpentiers boss, Pierre Bardeche. Aux Charpentiers is a traditional French bistro, where Pierre and his wife Colette Bardeche have ruled the roost...

  • Georges, 75004

    11 April 2014 ( #restaurant review )

    The restaurant Georges, like the Cafe Marly by the Louvre, has recently come under fire for a policy of seating only the most beautiful by the window, meaning that the ugly fuckers get the seats at the back. It may come as a surprise but I actually have...

  • Burnt Buzz: The Luxury 5* Hotels

    25 July 2013

    It was recently announced that the gorgeous Plaza Athénée hotel, on the avenue Montaigne 8e, will be shutting up its red awnings and geraniums from the 1st October 2013 for six months. They've recently bought several adjacent properties and apparently...

  • Ivan Berezutsky (Omnivore World Tour Paris 2013)

    20 March 2013

    Omnivore Paris 2013 is over. Three days of hard and fast food. The programme of Sweet, Savoury and Artisanal this year, over the three days at the Maison de la Mutualité, was exceptional. The innovative twist for this year was the Omnivorous Party at...

  • The History of Wine in Paris

    09 March 2013 ( #wine )

    Picture yourself in 18th century Paris. The streets are narrow, smelly and just as ridden with vagabonds, ragamuffins and the more-then-just-occasional four-legged rodent as they are today. Now imagine that the Eiffel Tower hadn't yet been constructed,...

  • Glass, 75009

    06 October 2012 ( #bars pubs and clubs )

    This is the new opening from the Candelaria team that is getting people wagging and tongues talking. (Err, that should probably be the other way round...) It plays its role (along with bars like Rock'n'Roll Circus and Kremlin and a couple of others soon...

  • Cafe Chilango, 75011

    12 May 2015 ( #restaurant review, #craft coffee, #beer and bobos, #bars pubs and clubs )

    Picture the scene: “So we’re opening a new spot in Paris. The hipster market is booming right now and we should make that our focus. What do we need?” – Ethnic food served on small plates. Check. – Beer from Deck and Donohue. Check. – Coffee from Cafe...

  • Clamato, 75011

    22 March 2014 ( #restaurant review )

    Open since November 2013, Clamato is the little brother to Septime, located right next door and by the one and only, Bertrand Grébaut. Specialising in seafood, oysters and natural wine, it attracts a hipster clientèle – beautiful women and sexy men sporting...

  • Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or, 75018

    07 April 2014 ( #beer and bobos )

    Fans of craft beers and local produce should definitely pay a visit to this little brasserie tucked away in the Goutte d’Or, the heart of the 18th arrondissement. Done with brewing in his home-kitchen for friends, Thierry Roche opened up a bricks and...

  • Rossi & Co, 75002

    15 January 2015 ( #restaurant review )

    Marco Rossi is a star, about whom we food-writers do not give enough air-time. I have had the pleasure of eating there several times now, a pleasure for which I doth my cap to Ottava Vino, the organisers of these amazing wine-dinners. Tucked away behind...

  • Grey Goose Bar, 75004

    20 December 2012 ( #bars pubs and clubs )

    The Grey Goose bar is a pop-up bar on the top floor of the BHV department store. It's only open for the month of December but to be honest, it's not all it's cracked up to be. You have to reserve online beforehand. There's no getting in if you're not...

  • Buvette, 75009

    16 October 2013 ( #craft coffee, #wine )

    It is a curious combination: France-in-America does France-in-America-back-in-France. Supposedly a coffee place in the morning, moving to light lunches, then wine, cocktails, small tapas dishes in the evening, I had heard much about this place and was...

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