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Ten Belles, 75010

Ten Belles, 75010
Ten Belles, 75010

Another superly cool and trendy coffee place that opened no more than a matter of months ago. The generally-accepted term for these places that I hear being bandied around all the time is "Brooklyn", however, for me, coming to this from a British perspective, I would rather prefer "Shoreditch."

In any case, what it means is a bare-bones establishment in a less area of town, but which therefore attracts the I-wanna-be-cooler-than-cool crowd of expats and French. In Paris, there is a new generation who are looking for this. Somewhere modern, with the focus on the provenance, care and elaboration of the final product. (Hence why you see so many darn photos of cappucinos with various styles of froth on Instagram!)

I like the Ten Belles. It rather takes miniature and minimalism to the extreme but the welcome is friendly, the coffee is hot hot hot and so it's a good little place to have up your sleeve. Unfortunately it's a bit out of my way, so I don't go there very often but if you happen to be in the area, it's definitely worth stopping off here. 

(Photos above taken from the Sugared and Spiced blog. Thank you!)

For more coffee hot spots, click on the link below:

MP3 Podcast on the RFI, reviewing the Ten Belles.

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