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Burnt Cream

12/23/2012 From Overblog

"Paris en 50 plats"

To celebrate the launch of Time Out Paris' new guide, "Les 50 Plats Qui Font Paris" last weekend, I spent a crazy...

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12/20/2012 From Overblog

Grey Goose Bar, 75004

The Grey Goose bar is a pop-up bar on the top floor of the BHV department store. It's only open for the month of...

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12/18/2012 From Overblog

Wok, 75006

From the street, it doesn't look like much. A narrow corridor, nothing to catch the eye apart from a little blackboard...

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12/14/2012 From Overblog

Le Vin en Vrac, 75018

UPDATE (Nov 2014) It’s a local, neighbourhood spot. It’s quirky, it has its charm, it’s fun. But if you know anything...

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12/02/2012 From Overblog

Relais de l’Entrecôte, 75006

Have you heard of this chain of restaurants? There are at least three in Paris and they're fairly well-known. I...

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11/26/2012 From Overblog

Farmers Markets (from Paris Paysanne)

What I love is how a person's experiences in a city like Paris can vary so much from one to another. There are...

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11/10/2012 From Overblog

Le Petit Sommelier, 75014

I don't very often venture down into the 14th arrondissement. It might sound rather short-sighted, or even snobbish,...

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11/09/2012 From Overblog

Carton, 75006

This is a boulangerie-patisserie on the very touristy rue de Buci, but which does a stunningly good foret-noir...

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10/31/2012 From Overblog

Soul Kitchen, 75018

I got into writing this blog because I was enthralled by the choice of restaurants in Paris. I needed to keep track,...

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10/30/2012 From Overblog

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, 75006

I'm going to tell you a secret. It's not very often that I do this but here goes... This is one of my favourite...

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10/16/2012 From Overblog

The Yeast Challenge

You'll never be able to use all that! Walking around Metro with Mme Sweet Pea just before the summer holidays,...

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10/15/2012 From Overblog

Les Petits Mitrons, 75018

I hang out in Montmartre quite a bit. I like the vibe, and it has the advantage that it's just a stone's throw...

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