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Burnt Cream

04/01/2013 From Overblog

Ten Belles, 75010

Another superly cool and trendy coffee place that opened no more than a matter of months ago. The generally-accepted...

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04/01/2013 From Overblog

Kooka Boora (KB Caféshop), 75009

I go through periods from time to time when I can't write. It would be writers block, only I'm not a writer. The...

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03/20/2013 From Overblog

Ivan Berezutsky (Omnivore World Tour Paris 2013)

Omnivore Paris 2013 is over. Three days of hard and fast food. The programme of Sweet, Savoury and Artisanal this...

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03/15/2013 From Overblog

Omnivore - Flash Give-Away

Omnivore comes back to Paris this weekend for the French leg of the 2013 World Tour. With its tagline, 100% Jeune...

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03/09/2013 From Overblog

The History of Wine in Paris

Picture yourself in 18th century Paris. The streets are narrow, smelly and just as ridden with vagabonds, ragamuffins...

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03/06/2013 From Overblog

Le Beef Club, 75001

With almost 13,000 restaurants in Paris, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that it can be rather...

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03/05/2013 From Overblog

Dirty Dick, 75009

The Dirty Dick, formerly a bar of low-repute, it has been re-done, made-over and it re-opened last week. It's tiki,...

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02/25/2013 From Overblog

Marcovaldo Café, 75003

A high-end refuge in an area just a little set back from the hustle and bustle of the Marais and Republique, this...

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02/22/2013 From Overblog

Guest Post from Toronto

"Hi Emma, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and it has even inspired my own Eurotrip this summer,...

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02/17/2013 From Overblog

Three Speakeasies (Honey and Charm)

I'm going to be taking a little break from blogging, just until life decides to calm down. However, don't worry...

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02/11/2013 From Overblog

Chinese Burnt Food

Burnt Food Menu 10th February 2013 (aka Chinese New Year's Day) Chicken dim sum Pork wontons and a spicy black...

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02/10/2013 From Overblog


Jam Session at the Danube Bar (9th February 2013) organised by Alison Young and her band, featuring a one-handed...

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