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Burnt Cream

08/04/2013 From Overblog

The Next Big Food Trend...?

"Congé Annuel." I'm really starting to despise those two little words. The above photo comes courtesy of my local...

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07/30/2013 From Overblog

Gossima Ping Pong Bar, 75011

Looking for something new and original to do in Paris...? Why not try Paris's first Ping Pong Bar "Gossima" ? An...

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07/25/2013 From Overblog

Burnt Buzz: The Luxury 5* Hotels

It was recently announced that the gorgeous Plaza Athénée hotel, on the avenue Montaigne 8e, will be shutting up...

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07/15/2013 From Overblog

La Tarte Tropézienne, 75006

La Tarte Tropézienne is a bit of an institution down in the South of France. The story starts in the 1950s with...

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06/27/2013 From Overblog

La Pointe du Grouin, 75010

Being a Brit in Paris, I spend a fair chunk of my time hanging around the Eurostar terminal in the grotty Gare...

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06/21/2013 From Overblog

Trapped in the lift!

I'm thirsty. I wish I'd taken that extra ten seconds to have a glass of water before leaving my apartment this...

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06/15/2013 From Overblog

Burnt Cream HQ in bloom

Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/aklcLYi-cF/

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06/12/2013 From Overblog

Red Dresses and Lipstick

Before arriving in Florence, I did my fair share of digital recon work. I picked out a few of the expat blogs to...

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06/02/2013 From Overblog

Paris at Night

It's 3.30 in the morning. I've just got home. I didn't intend to stay out this late, but one party led to another...

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06/01/2013 From Overblog

The Wine-Dark Sea

As a student of Ancient Greek, the phrase "wine-dark sea" intigued and fascinated me. It conjured up images of...

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05/27/2013 From Overblog

Being an English girl in Paris

I don't drink coffee I take tea, my dear, I like my toast done on one side, And you can hear it in my accent when...

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05/19/2013 From Overblog

Food is Sexy!

A steady increase in labor costs and food prices in France has fueled an unexpected phenomenon: Many restaurants...

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