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Burnt Cream

Les Petits Mitrons, 75018

I hang out in Montmartre quite a bit. I like the vibe, and it has the advantage that it's just a stone's throw away from Burnt Cream HQ. My one qualm with the area around rue des Abbesses is that it seems overly priced. Tourists are the pumping red blood vessels of the area and as a result, to get off the high street and discover something different is not easy. However, this is when a friend of mine who lives on the rue Lepic comes in handy. He swears by the tarte aux fraises from his local stop-off of stomach sin, Les Petits Mitrons.

It has long been my mission to try it for myself and of course, write about it, my dear readers! However, I had popped my head round the door many times in hope of getting my grubby fingers on this elusive piece of pie. Each time I was met by a shake of the head and a "desolee, Madame" .... each time that was, until this afternoon!

I waited my turn, watched others pick the apple tart, the plum tart, the red fruit tart. I waited patiently, well, as patiently as you can while whispering curses against anyone ahead of you in the queue who took even as much as a lustful glance at that last slice of strawberry tart. It obviously worked. I owe a big thank you to the god of all things pastry, because I got lucky.

"Une part" of the creamy, strawberry tart was put on a cardboard slice, wrapped in a piece of paper and, following the exchange of a very reasonable 3 euros 20, delicately placed in my handbag to be eaten once I got home. 

It is a very, very good tart. I'm not sure how they make the base - it was more biscuit than pastry and it had got to a delicious crunchy, caramelised stage. The strawberries were suprisingly fresh considering we're deep into the month of October and the cream wasn't too sweet. Top marks. 

Two pieces of advice, however.

1. Immediate consumption. Not handbag friendly... (see photo below.) 

2. Get two!

Closed on Wednesdays. Now go, but good luck!



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