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Burnt Cream

Le Thai 18, 75018

Le Thai 18, 75018Le Thai 18, 75018

Following my disappointment of La Rallonge (see link to "The Gastrobar Trend") I decided to try somewhere new and hopefully discover somewhere which fully deserves some buzz.

I couldn't have got any luckier.

Just off the Marx Dormoy crossroads, just a few metres down a small street, very easy to overlook, are two small restaurants. One is a fairly decent central African place, where I go every time I have a plantain craving - they occur more frequently than you might expect! - and the second, right next door, is the "Thai 18."

At 9pm on a Friday night, it was a lot busier than I was expecting. The thing is, as I soon found out, this restaurant rightly enjoys a great reputation in the neighbourhood.

One of my qualms with Asian restaurants in Paris is how often you see "Chinois-Japonais-Thai" specialities being advertised under the same roof, so at first, I was a little off-put that I was being served by two Chinese girls, however, I was more than impressed by their warmth and efficiency.

Not being entirely sure what to have, I plumped for the "poulet du chef" which turned out to be a very solid choice. However, as it happens, everything that came out of the kitchen that evening - I happened to have requested the table nearest the kitchen door! - looked and smelt absolutely scintillating. I'm struggling to put into words how good it was. Truly, fucking stonking. Crispy skin, soy sauce, ginger, coriander... 

By the end of the evening, I had eaten my way through a whole chicken, had pudding and a 25cl pichet of perfectly quaffable wine and still had change back from a 20€ note. There is no way that would  ever have happened at a gastrobar.

(Psst! They do take-aways too!!)

Tel: 01 42 05 08 36

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