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Hanami, Bento and Nikka Whisky

Hanami, Bento and Nikka Whisky
Hanami, Bento and Nikka Whisky
Hanami, Bento and Nikka Whisky

Hanami - the time of year when the Japanese marvel at the beauty of the cherry blossom. It's a celebration of the arrival of springtime, of the fertility of the land and of the promise of good things to come. With time frame for the blossom being very narrow (only a matter of a handful of days, falling somewhere between the end of March and beginning of May) the progression of this natural wonder from the most southerly point to the far north of the country is carefully monitored by young and old alike.

Here in France, the closest equivalent we have is the sudden mass-migration of Parisians to the street terraces of the cafés and restaurants. Even though it does have its pleasures, it's not really comparable.

What better, then, than to celebrate this Japanese tradition by coming down to a restaurant called Sous Les Cerisiers to have a special bento box prepared by chef Sakura Franck (her name itself means cherry blossom!) in partnership with Nikka Whisky.

A little like the cherry blossom, you've gotta act fast to catch it.

Available during the lunch hour, either to take-out or sit in, it'll set you back 25€ and the deal will end on the 27th April. (N.B. Restaurant closed Sunday and Monday.)

Hanami, Bento and Nikka Whisky

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