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Grey Goose Bar, 75004

Grey Goose Bar, 75004
Grey Goose Bar, 75004
Grey Goose Bar, 75004
Grey Goose Bar, 75004

The Grey Goose bar is a pop-up bar on the top floor of the BHV department store. It's only open for the month of December but to be honest, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

You have to reserve online beforehand. There's no getting in if you're not on the guest list for that evening. What then strikes me as highly incongruent is the fact that it sets itself up as being fairly exclusive.... but then you have to go through two security exits, up the emergency stairwell, and god knows what else before eventually do you arrive at your destination - the terrace.

Grey Goose Bar, 75004Grey Goose Bar, 75004

The thing is though, even thought it'll cost you ten euros for a pretty standard drink, and the fact that you have to stand in the freezing cold, the view is fantastic. Breath-takingly, stonkingly fantastic. Mind-blowingly, even-the-security-guard-was-looking-ly good.

Take that money you were going to spend going up the Eiffel Tower and spend it on a drink here. It's worth it.

(Only open until the 23rd December.... if you miss out, hold on until next year!)

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