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Dirty Dick, 75009

Dirty Dick, 75009
Dirty Dick, 75009Dirty Dick, 75009

The Dirty Dick, formerly a bar of low-repute, it has been re-done, made-over and it re-opened last week. It's tiki, tiki, tiki all the way and although it's still not somewhere you would take your mother, you'd seem rather cool for suggesting to meet your friends there.

I went to suss it out with my colleague. (No cool points for me!) Admittedly, it was opening night so the bar was busy and nobody was getting served particularly fast.

However, once we finally did get a glass in hand and scoped out a place to sit, the drinks were good - I personally liked the dacquiri. Cocktails started at the 6 euro mark and went up to around 14 euros. Beers are also available by the bottle, or pint, for a fiver. Rumour actually had it that the more expensive drinks on the menu were not worth the extra lightness in the pocket afterwards. The punchbowls however, like the Amazombie, are to be recommended! 

Personally, I found the most exciting aspect of this opening the fact that this area of Pigalle is changing, becoming more accessible and shedding off that dingy reputation. 

Glass, directly over the road, is a must-stop-off-spot and this for me comes a close second. As we were saying to ourselves, all they need is a third bar or a late-night food joint and this street suddenly becomes a hot spot. 

*psst! a little bird told me that Glass will soon have a late-night-licence to serve Emperor Norton hot dogs!*

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