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Café A, 75010

Posted by Emma on August 4 2013, 14:01pm

Categories: #my little black book

Café A, 75010

The most amazing space. A great discovery that I only stumbled upon by chance.

The café is situated in a large courtyard, tucked behind an old convent, in the bustling 10th arrondissement. Yet the only factor reminding you that you're just adjacent to the Gare de l'Est is the slight traffic noise. On a Sunday morning however, especially in August, it's fairly minimal.

There is a brunch menu for 28 euros - I saw yoghurts, watermelon and baguette going by, but the bottles of Tabasco Sauce I saw suggested something more substantial. I was just there for a coffee. In that case, my waitress explains, you have to sit on the deckchairs. Sorry?! I asked again to make sure I'd understood correctly. For just 2€30, the price of my espresso, I have to lie on a deck-chair, under a canopy of sun-shades and leafy trees. Oh, life is so hard!

Sitting in front of me are two chatty, elderly French ladies (but not the type who have little dogs in their handbags) and to my right, sitting on the bench, are a young French couple who haven't realised that they're no longer in the privacy of their bedroom. If you know what I mean....

There's a breeze that circulates, a general chatter and clinking of cutlery, along with the sound of the two waitresses walking over the white gravel.

If you're not going away on holiday this summer, come here! I promise, after just 45 minutes, you'll feel like you've had a week away at a gorgeous hotel on the sea front, and after any longer than an hour, you'll even start mistaking traffic noise for waves lapping at the shore.

It's the ultimate get-away without going anywhere. A moment très insolicite and most definitely to be recommended!

Café A, 75010

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