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Burnt Cream

Burnt Cream

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Burnt Food

Posted by Emma on February 8 2013, 09:42am

Categories: #my little black book

Every month, I host a dinner party / supper club.

The idea is that I open my front door to six total strangers and feed them. The name of these events is "Burnt Food" ... because I like to keep expectations low.

It's now been four months that I've been doing this on a regular and completely open basis. You can come by yourself or with a friend. At first, it was largely friends or acquaintances of mine, but the word is now spreading and I've hosted Canadians, French, English, Italians, Americans, Japanese, Australians... some of those live in Paris and others are just passing through. The only thing that's sure is that it's going to be a fun evening, interesting conversation and you're not going to leave hungry. 

This Sunday will be a Chiniese-inspired menu: spicy Sichuan wontons, pork belly, yuzu pannacotta and lots of authentic alcohol.

More photos to come soon... in the meantime go to this page or send me an email for more details.

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