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Burnt Cream

Spring Cleaning, Virtually.

Spring Cleaning, Virtually.

May is here. Where April went I have no idea. The routine of métro-boulot-dodo, with lashings of new restaurant openings and new trends emerging is the equivalent of putting life in a pressure canister, injecting nitrogen and shaking hard. Inversely though, despite this passage of time, I still find myself facing the same troubles as before... namely the problem of swapping between touchtyping on a QWERTY keyboard at home and an AZERTY one at work, the mystery of how you always end up with just one sock and your underwear inside-out when you're running late for a meeting, and the eternal question when will French women stop showing their nipples to the world and start wearing a bra!

Anyway, with the bank holidays that the month of May accords, the extra time off work means that I can get on with more mundane stuff that I hadn't had time to do before. This weekend, for example,  I'm able to catch up on my blog reading and also connecting this blog to a few of the other platforms out there. 

If you're someone who's technologically way ahead of me, then here are all the links you need:

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