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Burnt Cream

Glass, 75009

Glass, 75009Glass, 75009Glass, 75009
This is the new opening from the Candelaria team that is getting people wagging and tongues talking. (Err, that should probably be the other way round...) It plays its role (along with bars like Rock'n'Roll Circus and Kremlin and a couple of others soon to be opening *cough* the Dirty Dick!) in the re-popularisation of the Pigalle area. (I personally wouldn't go so far as to say the "regentrification" of the area, although I know that others would.) I stopped by with the wonderful 52 Martinis, aka Forest, last week for a drink or three.
The first thing to be said is that it had only opened the night before. The floor is not finished, and the mirror behind the bar is still in the, err, imaginary stage... However, the drinks are most definitely polished. Cocktail maestro, Sam, made Forest's trademark drink from Monkey 47 with a twist of grapefruit. I decided to start off with the "Trashy Blonde" from Scottish craft brewery, Brew Dog. (I'm a classy chick, me!)

We then moved onto the "on tap" cocktails - "Remember the Maine" and "Martinez." We also had a glass of the frozen cocktail "Pisco Punch" - well, when in Rome... These three are already pre-mixed, a concept which cuts down on service time, which of course I appreciate, but does beg the question if the drinks can justify the 10 euro price tag. Hot dogs, fashioned by the increasingly popular Emperor Norton duo will start on Friday, and they'll be delicious. For us, well, we had to 'make do' with the beetroot crisps and pretzels.

The Gin and Tonic from a bottle was an interesting discovery for me... Citadelle Gin blended with a home-made tonic water and served with a straw. It was certainly tasty, but personally, I think my next G'n'T will be served with a couple of ice cubes and a dainty slice of lemon, and in a cut-glass, old-fashioned tumbler. Drinking out of the bottle made me go back a decade or so to when I might drink a Barcadi Breezer with a straw in a park somewhere.... (Told you I was classy!)

It's a rather strange kind of place. And I don't mean that in a negative way. It's just, (and correct me if you know otherwise) well, I think it's the only bar of its genre in Paris. It's a wannabe dive-bar, and it definitely reminded me of a place I used to go to in my student days - but there's slightly too much pride and attention to what they serve for me to want to classify it under that header.

Prices are not high (compared to Paris standards) but can't help but think they'd be out of reach for the average student. I also struggle to put the idea of 'student dive bar' with somewhere that is putting out beetroot crisps. Only time will tell what kind of crowd will flock to this bar, but flock I'm sure they will. Definitely worth trying it out and then tell me what you think.

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