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Burnt Cream

Lou Pescadou, 75006

I don't know about you, but I find it surprisingly difficult to find a good restaurant in the Marché Saint Germain / Odeon area that's not a total tourist trap. 
Yes, there's the Camdebord Comptoir du Relais (but it's expensive...) and I go to Aux Charpentiers from time to time but I find the service hit and miss. There's obviously Da Pietro, but especially when I'm having to recommend a restaurant to a friend who's new in town, pizza (even though it is a very good pizza) is hardly going to elicit an excited "oooh you must go there!" from my lips.
Two weeks ago, I was in this very quandary. Fortunately all was not lost. I owe this restaurant review (and a big thank you) to Alex, who works at the La Maison du Whisky Odeon shop. 
Warmed Goat's Cheese Salad
Beef Tartare
And, err, what was the Café Gourmand.


The food was good, very good. Traditional French cuisine - my partner in crime on this occasion had a honey infused starter, followed by a perfectly cooked duck breast "magret de canard."  

Fairly simply fare but well-balanced and flavourful. It's a cute little bistro-resto - very much 'hole in the wall' style, and I'm pretty certain we were the only English speakers that evening (pretty much unheard-of for this quartier.) Served by a bright and cheerful waitress (which makes a welcome change from the typical Parisian surliness) it was all washed down with a perfectly pleasant carafe of house white, which all led to a very meagre addition when the time finally came, so I don't envisage a single complaint on that count either!
"Chez Julien" Lou Pescadou
(N.B. it's not the restaurant on the corner, but the smaller one just alongside.)
open 7/7, lunch and dinner, reservations not required


N.B. If you don't manage to get a table here, try the Bistrot d'Henri right around the corner which is owned by the same family. 

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