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Boulangerie K56, 75016

Boulangerie K56, 75016Boulangerie K56, 75016
Boulangerie K56, 75016

Croissant Competition: Part Twenty Three

Croissant-ing (noun) to actively participate in the consumption of croissants. 
e.g. "I'm just going to go off and do some croissant-ing."

There has been a lull in my croissant-ing, for which I apologise.

I found The Competition was starting to get a bit tiresome. I long for a croissant which will knock my socks off and make me declare it to be by far and away the most superior croissant in Paris. I want it to make me give up my philandering ways and devote myself exclusively to The One. I'm ready to stop walking the streets of Paris at a time of the morning when the only other people I'm sharing the pavement with are those on their way home after a night out. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm looking for The One that I want to wake up with every morning. 
This is an old, old post which was tried and written up while there was still snow on the ground. 
I was in the 16th arrondissement last week and happened upon this boulangerie, the "K56", about which I had seen and heard very positive reviews. As it was before 11am, and it was to be the first thing I'd eaten that day (my two main conditions for this Competition) I popped inside this beautiful shop and exchanged a couple of grubby coins for a deftly twisted paper bag. 
The croissant itself was pretty frigid. There was none of that buttery, flaky, cavernous stuff that makes you go wow. Admittedly the outside temperature was so cold that it could explain the disappointing texture.... but to be quite honest, I don't think I'll be going back to give it a second shot. I will just have to continue to be a serial croissant-er. I'm not ready to settle down just yet. 
"K 56", 56 avenue Kléber, 75016
01 47 27 39 91
métro: Boissoniere

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