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Burnt Cream

Le Paul Bert, 75011

It is easy to imagine how the Paul Bert started - a local bistro serving very good quality, traditional food to the neighbours. Not much has changed since those days. Perhaps just the clientèle.
I have been to the Paul Bert several times, and I have been startled by the number of English-speakers seated at tables next to me. On balance, there were more anglophones than francophones. 
However, there is a reason why people flock to this restaurant and I'm not going to keep that a secret from you any longer - it's the food and the wine. If you're looking for a classic French experience with exquisitely cooked food and an interesting natural wine list, this is your place.
In the evenings, you'd be silly not to plump for the 36 euro, three-course menu. 
You may be an English-speaker, but it does help if you know how to read miniscule French handwriting....
Asparagus, parmesan shavings and pesto.

This was the plate that had a steak.

The finest Paris-Brest that I've ever had in a restaurant. 

The infamous Baba au Rhum "pour your own!"

In my opinion, the standard of food that comes out of the kitchen at Le Paul Bert is on the same level as any fine dining establishment yet without the starched tableclothes and the Goldilocks of wine glasses.

Tel: 01 43 72 24 01
Closed Sunday and Mondays
best to reserve a couple of days in advance, especially for the evenings

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