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Burnt Cream

Boulangerie rue Trudaine, 75009

Boulangerie rue Trudaine, 75009Boulangerie rue Trudaine, 75009
Boulangerie rue Trudaine, 75009Boulangerie rue Trudaine, 75009

Croissant Competition: Part Twenty One

Despite a slow start - because on first appearances, let's face it, this croissant is not much of a looker  - it was actually very good.

It is too thin, too tightly wrapped and has that awkward curve that had me worried at first. But the expression 'never judge a book by its cover' also seemingly applies for croissants. Feel free to tell me to get down to the meat and bones of the croissant: how did it taste? It had a nice amount of butteriness. Not too much, not too little, just enough to not let you forget that it's a croissant. Buttery fingers afterwards. Mmmm. 

It was a little bit too dry at the extremities, but the cap (what I call the cap..) wasn't overcooked (a common fault I find in poorly-cooked croissants.)

The most pleasant thing about this was actually the texture, the superb softness of the layers inside.  It didn't unravel like some other croissants I've had, because it had a good structure but gosh knows how because it was so soft. No, I was quite impressed. This is a croissant that punches above its weight.

P.S. It has the added advantage of a little inside counter - definitely worth knowing about if it's raining and you're on the hoof. Also worth remembering because of the prime view over the Square d'Anvers towards the Sacré Coeur.

Boulangerie, rue de Trudaine, on the corner with rue Turgot,
opposite Le Square d'Anvers, 75009

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