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Burnt Cream

Le Cépage, 75018

Le Cépage, 75018Le Cépage, 75018
Le Cépage, 75018Le Cépage, 75018
Just before New Year, I stopped off here for a bite of lunch with a friend. It seemed like a little neighbourhood bistrot, but what had made me stop, pause and decide to venture inside was the atmosphere on the street right outside. There was a raucous bunch of oyster sellers, drumming up passing trade, to whom we too were shortly to fall victim.......
Even inside, it's a bistrot during food-service hours, a café during the quieter hours of the afternoon and a bar all day long. There's also a 'tabac' section where you can buy cigarettes, lottery tickets and pay for those oysters. In short, it has a bit of everything.
However, we were there for the food so let me tell you what we had. I ordered a salad, whilst my friend had a Souris d'Agneau, a much heartier meaty dish akin to a Lamb Shank. Both washed down with a carafe of wine (*cough* each), this was a tasty meal which didn't break the bank. 
(I got so excited by the two types of crab that I had completely forgotten about the whole avocado it was concealing!)
Oh yes, and we had a pudding too. Should I mention how fresh and buttery it was.....? No, don't worry, I know you're on your New Year Resolution detox diet..... ;)

One particularly noteworthy point of this meal was how fast the service was. The waitress was fairly attentive and took our order in a timely fashion, but the food seemed to come out of the kitchen at a break-neck speed. I can only assume this means that my friend's lamb had been precooked and was then blitzed in the microwave. There can't really be another option. Whilst I in no way endorse this, considering how many other places, including Big Names, know their microwave functions better than they know their restaurant's phone number, I'm hardly going to complain. A quick, tasty lunch? Yes please!
Open all day and evening - apart from Monday and Tuesday evenings.

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