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Restaurant l'Incontro, Geneva

Restaurant l'Incontro, Geneva
Restaurant l'Incontro, Geneva

If you go to Geneva, I can't recommend this restaurant highly enough. It's not cheap, but this is relatively reasonable for Geneva. I was there about a month ago and had a great time.

It started off with the cheery "buona sera" as we shuffled through the door and continued as we discovered that the waiter was clearly breaking Health and Safety regulations, seating us right next to the open-plan pizza kitchen - quite clearly within the over-excited slobbering radius. Finishing with the very generous three shots of limoncello (each) that were given to us at the end of the evening, this was actually one of my best dining experiences of 2011.

The pizza was exquisite; the ingredients were top notch, the pizza base couldn't have been fresher and it served with a bowl of 'home-made' chili sauce.

They have an incredibly good selection of top-end wines on their carte. Predominantly Italian, some of which I can only dream of drinking, I was tempted to order one to see if they actually had the reference in stock. As it was, I *cough* settled for a light, fresh Orvieto with a pleasing acidity which cut through the molten mozzarella perfectly.

Now, I'm not sure if it was because we were two girls or if every customer got the same treatment, but the level of service bordered on overly-attentive. Barely a minute would have passed before a waiter glanced or came over to check if we were alright. As a result, our glasses were never empty and I'm sure we were given far more than our fair share of limoncello as a digestif. 
All in all though, pizza and wine is a winning combination - especially when combined with a continuous stream of girly chatter. The quality of the food far-surpasses normal pizza joint standards and this is definitely somewhere I'd like to come back to when I'm next in Geneva.  
P.S. I'd just like to put in an advance order for my next visit. Mine's a Calzone please. :)


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