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Burnt Cream

Cupcake Camp II

Sunday 2nd October saw the return of Cupcake Camp to Paris. 

In short, Cupcake Camp is an annual charity event where amateurs and professionals alike make cupcakes to be submitted for a competition and then members of the public pay to come along afterwards and see and taste all the hard work. 

It was held at Le Comptoir General in the 10th arrondissement, in the very 'bobo' area of the Canal Saint Martin on this hot - 34 degrees! - sunny Sunday afternoon. 

When we arrived, we were struck by the number of people in the queue to get in. There must have been at least 100 people lined up outside and I have never been so glad to have a VIP pass which meant that we got to jump the queue.

Once inside, I realised I had never seen so many cupcakes in one room in my life. I thought I had a sweet tooth, but the amount of sugar paste and icing in that room actually made me take a noticeable step back. Nevertheless, I manned up and carried on. The photos you see below I took as I was making my way around all the different stalls before making my mind up on which ones to choose. 

As it happened, my friend and I ended up with a grand total of 15 cupcakes between the two of us... and considering she is not much of a dessert person, we decided to host a Cupcake and Champagne tasting, largely with the spoils of our tombola victory, for a group of friends. If you see the photos of cupcakes accompanied by pink bubbles, that was a little indulgence of ours and not something that was organised as part of the Cupcake Camp - although if you're reading this Cat and Bryan, that'd be a nice addition for next year! :)  

To sum up: 480 people attended, 2500 cupcakes were sold and 6000 euros were raised for the Make a Wish Foundation. 


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