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Monoprix's Croissants

Croissant Competition: Part Seventeen

I'm aware that I've been somewhat neglecting my blog recently. It was not at all intentional - but sometimes real life gets in the way. Since last Friday, so exactly seven days, I haven't been home before 1am in the morning! And once I do get home, I normally pass out on my bed (usually still partially dressed) before my alarm rouses me out of my slumber.
Anyway, the point of that apologetic introduction was to explain that Part Seventeen's croissant was actually eaten last Saturday. If you remember, last Saturday was the day before the Rugby World Cup Final where France were up against New Zealand.
Given how France had only just scraped through in their semi against Wales, I was expecting to be writing this and saying that the French team went to pieces - or should I say, crumbs - against the All Blacks.... but actually they played very well. (And that's coming from the person whose home side was knocked out against the French in the quarters!)
However, back to the croissant, this one is a bit of a rogue, I'm afraid.
I was passing by and saw it in the window. Not just any old window - no, it was actually hanging in the window, already wrapped in a little plastic bag that you see in the photo below. 
At 85 centimes, I'm sure it's the cheapest croissant that I've had as part of this Croissant Competition, and as an extra bonus, the shop was offering a "Coffee and Croissant" Breakfast Deal for 1 euro 50, which is well worth remembering! They also had a sit-in space, so especially when the weather is as cold as it was last weekend, it's an important bonus to be able to sit in and enjoy the croissant in the warm rather than being out on the street. 
It was a little bit dry.... but considerably better than I'd expected given how I don't know how much time it'd spent in that plastic bag. It flaked a lot, and as you know from this post, that's not something I like too much of. But it was crunchy at the ends, chewy in the middle and had a good, but not amazing, flavour to it. 
Average - to - good, especially considering the price.
Monoprix 25, Avenue des Ternes, 75017
Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 10pm.

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