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Burnt Cream

Boulangerie avenue Niel, 75017

Croissant Competition: Part Fourteen

Today's croissant comes from the 17th arrondissement, an area where I rarely ever step foot. There's nothing wrong with the district, it's just the other side of the Arc de Triomphe and there's rarely a reason for me to venture in that direction. Having said that, I may well be coming back here more often because this was a goooooood croissant. 
The texture was crunchy on the ends and soft and chewy in the middle. Yum. It didn't have as much taste of burnt butter as I look for in a good croissant) but it has a secret ingredient that more than makes up for that...
And what's the secret ingredient? Well I believe (unless my tastebuds are wrong) that they have lightly brushed a little bit of honey over the top of the croissant. A floral, light, honey, not too sweet, but absolutely perfect for a breakfast on the hoof.
And with these on offer, I'll be back for tea as well! :)
Aux Armes de Niel, 29 Avenue Niel, 75017
métro: Ternes or Pereire

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