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Le Meurice "Bar 228", 75001

Le Meurice "Bar 228", 75001
Situated on the rue de Rivoli, directly opposite the Tuileries gardens and only à deux pas from one of my favourite addresses in Paris, the coffee/tea/hot-chocolate stop-off heaven  Angelina, the hotel bar at Le Meurice is another of those little addresses that I treasure. 
A friend suggested that we meet at the "Bar 228" for an after-work drink. I was in absolutely no position to decline! It had been a pretty hectic day at work what with one thing and another, but the moment I walked into the bar, I forgot about all that. 
Dark wood. Leather armchairs. Attentive waiters in pressed white jackets. A glass of crisp Chablis. Nibbles. Jazz pianist. Hushed voices. The chinking of glasses. Dimmed lighting. Men in suits and women in cocktail dresses. Seduction at its very finest. I love hotel bars and this certainly doesn't disappoint.
In fact, I felt so relaxed after just an hour or so, that I was quite prepared to inquire whether  they had any rooms available upstairs! As it was, my better judgement prevailed and I flagged down a taxi and headed home. 
A luxury 5 star hotel, it does not disappoint. 

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