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Burnt Cream

Boulangerie rue Duhesme, 75018

Croissant Competition: Part Twelve

Before starting this post, there is an issue I feel needs to be addressed.
Two people yesterday (how I hope for the future of humanity it was the same person asking twice...) found this blog by doing a Google search for: "how to order croissants in paris" 
I'm not joking. 
So, if that was you, here is your answer:
"un croissant, s'il vous plait"
If you're feeling hungry, or if there really were two of you wanting to know how to order a croissant, you can say: 
"deux croissants, s'il vous plait" 
... or "trois" "quatre" or "cinq"... 
If you're particularly brave and want to practice your French even more, you can prefix your order with:
 "bonjour Madame" or "bonjour Monsieur" 
(as appropriate, obviously.)
You should also end your exchange with the immortal words "merci, au revoir."
I hope this has changed your life. 
For reference, it is not only in Paris that you order a croissant in this manner, the same process is used in any francophone boulangerie.
Now I will begin:

Today's mystery croissant comes from a modern boulangerie deep in the 18th, between rue Ordener and rue du Poteau, called La Fournée Duhesme.
It's a modern boulangerie offering a range of cakes and patisseries, as well as a enticing take-away lunch menu, on a street that gets a lot of passing trade because of the local market that takes place nearby.
Unfortunately, there was no pleasure in eating this croissant. The buttery smell that should entice an appetite out of even the most hungover was not there, the flakes were burnt (especially the bottom - which suggests that the pan it was cooked on was either too hot, or not clean) and it was more greasy than most.
In short, it wasn't perfection and in a city like Paris where things are normally done with such love and care, this didn't float my boat.
This disappointing croissant may also explain why I was more cranky than usual at the beginning of this post. If you are one of those people who wanted to know how to order a croissant in French, and you're still reading... please accept my apology.
rue Duhesme, 75018.
métro: Jules Joffrin
open Sundays

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