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Burnt Cream

Eurostar's Croissants

Croissant Competition: Part Thirteen

Unfortunately it seems thirteen is an unlucky number for me, this croissant comes in at a very low ranking on my list. 
At 1 euro 90, it's by far the most expensive croissant that I've bought and it didn't deliver... unless you count the amount of work my teeth had to do! Tough, chewy, it wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience to be quite honest but the inside of the croissant wasn't bad in terms of taste. 
I suppose when you're on a train hurtling through the countryside, speeding towards a tunnel under the sea to go to a different country, you don't have a great deal of choice. Regardless, it's a pity that for so many people every day, their first or parting taste of Paris will be a dry croissant. 
Eurostar. Paris -> London.
P.S. A little message to the Eurostar Buffet Car Product Selection Team: 
Just because it's a train doesn't mean you can justify serving tasteless food. What would it take to for someone to make an arrangement with a good boulangerie near Gare du Nord who could supply fresh, tasty, buttery, crumbly, wonderful patisseries? Trust me, I'm sure you'd have many, many happy returning customers.... I would be one of them! ;)

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