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Burnt Cream

Le Café Francoeur, 75018

Le Café Francoeur, 75018Le Café Francoeur, 75018Le Café Francoeur, 75018
Le Café Francoeur, 75018Le Café Francoeur, 75018Le Café Francoeur, 75018
I've been to this café in Montmartre several times now. The main reason is because it has a perfectly angled terrasse for catching the late morning and afternoon sun. A powerful second reason is because the staff are friendly. 
I was there on Saturday with a friend. We met for a coffee at 11.30am and when there was a lull in the conversation, we realised that it was nearly 14.30. The waiters had let us sit and chat for three hours even though we'd only ordered a coffee! If you're not aware of Parisian café customs, that's pretty much unheard of!
A few weeks before, Gail, of Perfectly Paris fame, and I had Sunday brunch here. She had Eggs Benedict and apparently the Hollandaise sauce was good and I had a salad which was packed full of chicken, bacon, blue cheese and avocado... very tasty. 
On another occasion, I had one of their burgers, which comes highly recommended. This was a bacon cheeseburger. It didn't last long.

The chips in particular are excellent. Fried until golden and crispy, lightly salted, and served in a steel flowerpot lined with the New York Times. Amazing!
For when the weather turns autumnal and even wintery, I reckon this place will come into its own even more. It has free newspapers, a well stocked bar with bottles of wine on ice, it even sells its own bread and patisserie so you can have a petit quatre-heures sitting in one of their stylish armchairs. Oh and that's not even mentionning the very popular happy hour in the evenings between 6 and 9pm!


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