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Burnt Cream

Midoré, 75008

Croissant Competition: Part Ten

This was a recommendation that I had no problems taking up considering that I walk past one of their shops twice a day on the way to and from work at the moment and I'm always tempted by the gorgeous baking smells that spill out onto the pavement in the morning.

This morning therefore, I seized the (very rare) opportunity that I was early for work so I decided to reward myself on this momentous occasion with a croissant. 

It started very well. I snatched up the last croissant on the tray, which gave it that 'I'm just out of the oven and you're very lucky to have me' look that French croissants, just like Parisienne women, do so well! (Although the women would probably be exuding the 'I'm just out of bed', rather than 'out of the oven' look.... but you know what I mean - that's only a minor detail...)

The one problem was the floppiness of the croissant. (That's not a metaphor for something else, honest!) The flavour of the croissant was pretty spot on, but it was the texture that massively let this croissant down. (You still don't believe me that I'm talking about croissants do you?) Going back to the matter in hand, the croissant was buttery and just at the right level of greasy, in my opinion, but it was the fact that the poor croissant couldn't hold its own against gravity that I had an issue with. Apart from that, the croissant was pretty good and I thank my friend for the recommendation of Midoré's croissants but this one was a bit of a let down.
Midoré, 28 rue de la Pépinière, 75008
métro: Saint Augustin

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