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Burnt Cream

Singapore TakeOut

The concept behind the Singapore TakeOut is to promote cuisine of Singapore all over the world. It is organised by a group called SPICE – standing for Singapore International Culinary Exchange – and they have organised a pop-up restaurant showcasing some of the very best dishes to a global audience. They started in London two weeks ago, they are in Paris this weekend before moving onto Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Dubai and Sydney.
Here in Paris, two chefs are being showcased: André Chiang and Sven Chartier.
The “Restaurant André” (no prizes for guessing whose that restaurant is) was opened in Singapore in November 2010 and it’s already being classed, by the New York Times for example, as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world.  
Sven Chartier, on the other hand, is only 25 years old but he also has some very big names on his CV and most recently (September 2010) he opened a highly acclaimed restaurant and wine bar in Paris: Saturne.
I was incredibly fortunate to have been picked by the Girls Guide to Paris to attend this fabulous foodie event. There are only 90 places available over the two days so I owe them a very big thank you!
Arriving at the Hippodrome d'Auteuil, far out in the west of Paris where the evening was to take place, we received a very friendly welcome and we were shown to our table in the open-air pop-up restaurant. There were only 32 places at this sitting which made it feel very intimate, but yet also relaxed because of the early evening sunshine. So, moving onto the food, the menu was arranged so that the dishes alternated between the two chefs. 

Andre Chiang: potato bravas, cooked in chive oil. 

Sven Chartier: crab, tomato, satay.

Andre Chiang: foie gras "chawanmushi" and a black Perigord truffle coulis.
Sven Chartier: green beans, smoked mussels, sesame oil and chrysanthemum.
Andre Chiang: calamari risotto (with jasmine rice)
Sven Chartier: brioche, honey and beer.
A really nice touch was being invited to go up to the mobile kitchen and watch the chefs at work close up.

The team of chefs finishing up the second course. Andre Chang in the centre.

Sven Chartier and Andre Chiang
Favourite dish: the foie gras "chawanmushi" and the black truffle coulis. It was perfection. Such a delicate flavour of truffles, wild mushrooms and the foie gras, but so light that after just a moment on your tongue, it disappears and suddenly there's nothing there anymore, just like when you think you've seen a ghost but then it's gone.

Favourite chef: Andre Chiang. I checked and unfortunately for us ladies, he already has a ring on his finger. But phoar, I have to say, any man who cooks as well as this man does can have my heart any day!

Overall, it was a lovely evening. I'd expected more Asian influences, more of a hybrid between East and West, but nevertheless, the quality of the food and the warmth of the chefs and organisers won over and I enjoyed the whole experience enormously.


P.S. A friend of mine, Yetunde from FLHP, went the day after me. See what she thought by reading her blog post.


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