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Burnt Cream

Les Canons, 75018

Les Canons, 75018Les Canons, 75018Les Canons, 75018
Les Canons, 75018
I was really pleasantly surprised by this tiny wine bar near Abbesses, in Montmartre.
They have a pretty limited range (only about 12-13 wines) and the wines aren't show-stoppingly, "I need to have a Sally-in-'When Harry Met Sally'-moment", but I was very pleased to see a varied selection of wines which hail from the "New World." They have red wines from Australia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Uruguay and whites from Argentina and the USA. Only four of the wines on their blackboard were from France. And in this country, that's a feature that doesn't happen all that often and so it is that which makes this place so remarkable for me at least.
The Shiraz from Australia and a Rioja from Spain were the two I had last night, but when I go back (and I'm sure there will be a next time) I'm sure I'll succumb to the temptation to try a glass of red wine from Uruguay. We also had a platter of charcuterie and cheese, which admittedly was not as generous as the portions in Le Baron Rouge, but it did hit the spot.  
As for the bar itself, it's tiny. The photo above shows all the gorgeous, very artistic photos on the ceiling, but it also shows the width of the bar! A couple of metres of floor space is all that is afforded around the bar on the ground floor, where there are little bar stools on which to perch, but there is a comfy seating area upstairs which is worth remembering. But it's for that reason that patrons are always spilling out onto the pavement (sidewalk, in American) where they will mingle with the overflow from the other bar across the narrow, cobbled Montmartre street.
Open Monday - Sunday, 6pm - 2am, I would advise you only to go there on a warm, dry day. It seems so popular with the locals that you'd struggle to find a place even to rest your hat if it were raining and everyone were trying to be inside.
One final note, if you're looking for somewhere to drink absinthe in Paris, there could be far worse than here.

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