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Le Grenier à Pain, 75018

Le Grenier à Pain, 75018
Le Grenier à Pain, 75018
Le Grenier à Pain, 75018
Le Grenier à Pain, 75018
Le Grenier à Pain, 75018

Croissant Competition: Part Six

This, the latest instalment of the Croissant Competition, has taken me to the boulangerie hailed as having the best baguette in Paris in 2010. I wrote about this competition back in February in a blog post all about French bread. 
There are actually several Le Grenier à Pain boulangeries in Paris. Most of them are centred around the 18th arrondissement; the award-winning one is actually in Abbesses, but I went to the rue Caulaincourt one just for the sake of convenience. 
So, the croissant itself is a relatively dark colour. It didn't crumple at all when I gave it a gentle squeeze and when I pulled it apart, it was fairly tough, almost like pulling apart a doughnut. 
The absolutely remarkable feature about the croissant that I had this morning was that it barely flaked! It was still crispy and crunchy to eat but there were barely any crumbs! As a result, I'm very pleased to say that approximately 98% of the croissant reached my mouth as opposed to the average percentage which I'd say is probably around 80-85%! 

Look at how few crumbs were left on the the table afterwards.

There's definitely more bread than butter in these croissant beurres. It's very chewy, without a doubt the chewiest (is that even a word?!) the most chewy croissant I've had so far. Especially compared to Croissant #5 which fell to pieces at the slightest touch, this is The Hulk of the croissant world. However, the yummy toasted butter aftertaste means that this was not just all muscle and no flavour, this is actually a very strong contender for the title of Paris' best croissant.
127 rue Caulaincourt, 75018
Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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