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Burnt Cream

Pomme de Pain, 75008

Croissant Competition: Part Seven

Today was my first day in a new job. 
I decided to leave my flat a little early just to be sure I was there on time. You can never be 100% sure about the métro. Personally I find it far more reliable than the London Underground but still there's that chance that when you have somewhere to be and you're short on time, that something will go wrong on your journey.
However, this morning, I arrived with plenty of time to spare so I decided to treat myself to a croissant from the Pomme de Pain sandwicherie just across from my new office. 


Yes, that is the Arc de Triomphe you can see in the background! 


I have to say, the croissant itself was pretty bad. It was so dry, no squidginess at all. (And yes, I did just use the word squidginess - it's a great word to get your mouth around!) but it did have a nice nutty, buttery taste to it so I was pleased that it was really a proper croissant-beurre, I just have a feeling it could have been a day old.  
Not really to be recommended, but it was only 1 euro and considering the location, it's not a bad price if you're hungry.
Pomme de Pain, 50 Champs Elysées, 75008


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