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Burnt Cream

Le Boucl'Art, 75020

Le Boucl'Art, 75020
Le Boucl'Art, 75020

Croissant Competition: Part Five

Once upon a time, there were two homeless people. You know how it is moving between apartments - it never really works out as you think it will. It was a sunny morning in Paris and these two people were sitting on the pavement of a nearby café. It was breakfast time. Their laundry was spinning round in the neighbourhood laundromat and so to while away the time, they'd ordered the breakfast special menu which comprised a pastry, a coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for six euros. 
They were soon presented with two crispy parcels of butter. Wrapped like a present at Christmas is dark-brown and golden wrapping paper, at the slightest touch, the parcel would shed buttery flakes just like glitter... and once pulled apart, the parcel would uncoil like a broken jack-in-a-box. 
Ok, so I'll lose the poetic-ness if you insist. To say we were homeless is an exaggeration, we were both "temporarily in between homes" but I maintain that the croissant really did uncoil like a broken jack-in-a-box. To find out for yourself, go to Le Boucl'Art on the corner of the rue d'Avron and the rue des Pyrénées, and give the special breakfast menu a try.
Le Boucl'Art, 62 rue des Pyrénées, 75020

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