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Tokyo Feili, 75020

Posted by Emma Bentley on June 13 2011, 13:17pm

Categories: #restaurant review

Tokyo Feili, 75020Tokyo Feili, 75020
Tokyo Feili, 75020Tokyo Feili, 75020Tokyo Feili, 75020
Yes it's a slightly unusual situation, but if you're ever deep in the 20th arrondissement in Paris with somebody who is suffering from Ladurée excesses and you're looking for somewhere simple and sugar-free for lunch, you could go further wrong than going to this Japanese restaurant.
The Tokyo Feili has a menu of miso soup, a salad, a platter of sushi and a bowl of rice for 9 euros. This is not unusual, you'll find many of the Japanese restaurants all over Paris have similar deals, but the one distinguishing point of this restaurant which has made it blog-worthy was the great service we received. 
This is one of the few restaurants which understand the word "allergy" and will prepare a fresh dish for you without any huffing, puffing or pouting. Fabulous!

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