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Re-Opened: La Rhumerie, 75006

Re-Opened: La Rhumerie, 75006
Re-Opened: La Rhumerie, 75006
Re-Opened: La Rhumerie, 75006
Re-Opened: La Rhumerie, 75006
Yes, finally, Paris' finest rum bar has re-opened so I took one for the team and I went to check it out a couple of days ago! 
The sign that had been displayed on their website and on the boarded-up door said that La Rhumerie was closed for refurbishment, but to be quite honest, I can't see any real difference. I certainly didn't notice anything that would have merited a four month closure. I think it was the heating system that I heard they were re-doing, however, when you're reopening in the middle of May, a heated seating area is not really necessary so I can't comment on its effectiveness. What I can say is that La Rhumerie still has the same look, feel and ambiance as before. I'm pleased about that as I liked the modern plantation house feel and so I'm happy that has been retained. 
Besides that, the menu is exactly the same, the drinks the same. The clientele, relaxed, happy and rarely pretentious, haven't changed either. I think it's also safe to say that the staff have barely changed as well because the service we received was pretty slow. I'm sure it all boils down, as it nearly always does here in Paris, to developing the personal connection with the server. Once you've got that, you can expect top notch service every time. Until he/she has got to know you, you're most definitely at the bottom of the guy's list of priorities. Still the wait only heightens the anticipation and the final drink is of such a good quality that the time it took to arrive soon becomes irrelevant... still, not advisable if you're in a hurry as one of us was.
The following photos are supposed to give you an idea of the atmosphere on this Saturday afternoon at about 6pm. I was trying to be as subtle as I could be taking the photos so please forgive the slightly haphazard camerawork!

Overall though, I still highly recommend this place. The drinks are tasty and not one bit lacking in alcohol content, the food fabulous and the atmosphere is unique for Paris (based on what I've seen so far.) It's not cheap - if only they'd do a happy hour!! - but it's worth treating yourself to a taste of the Caribbean from time to time, no?

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