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Burnt Cream

A Real Compliment!

I just received the biggest compliment in the world (in my estimations, at least!)

It's the first time I've properly spoken to one of my neighbours (those who live in the same building as me.) Normally, it's just a quick "bonjour!", "bonsoir" and occasionally a "comment allez-vous?" but this evening, after I'd (accidentally!) almost just slammed the door in his face, a man who lives above me started up a conversation... and do you know what he asked...?

- "Vous aimez faire la cuisine?"
- "err, oui..." [what a strange question!]
- "Vous faites la cuisine souvent?"
- "errrrrrr, ouais...." [where is this going....? have I almost set the building on fire recently...? or burnt something???]
- "C'est la cuisine française que vous faites...? Parce que j'habite au-dessus et je m’arrête devant la porte de temps en temps parce qu'il sent tellement bon!"
- "Do you like cooking?"
- "err yes"
- "Do you cook often?"
- "erm, yeah"
- "Is it French food you do...? Because I live upstairs and I stop in front of your door sometimes because it smells so good!")

One very chuffed Emma this evening. :) This is the second Frenchman in a week who's complimented me on my cooking - and this one hasn't even tried it!

Now I'm off to make a big batch of Jamaican-style rice'n'beans! 

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