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Le Marché de Charonne

Posted by Emma Bentley on May 30 2011, 07:37am

A market with a very local feel. It's smaller than Le Marché d'Aligré and considerably less noisy than Le Marché de Belleville but what this market offers is a village feel.

It takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 7am and 2.30/3pm and is located around Alexandre Dumas métro station on the boulevard Charonne.

It sells the usual - fruit, veg, fish, meat, cheese - but with a few note-worthy additions:

Number 1: "the churros man." I remain unsure whether his friendliness has crossed the line towards sleaziness, but damn are his churros good. Six, deep-fried pastries (sometimes called Spanish doughnuts) with their distinct vanilla flavour, rolled in sugar, and cooked to order will set you back just 2 euros. An absolute bargain!

If you can, head to a nearby café tout de suite, order a hot chocolate and enjoy!

The other exceptionally good thing to know is that at this market on Saturdays at least, there are some stalls which sell  cooked food all ready to eat. I was particularly tempted by the "poêle lyonnais" which looked and smelt delicious although having pigged out on the churros earlier, I was able to walk on by without succombing to the temptation.

I found the flower stall particularly pretty....

... just as pretty as what was on display on the neighbouring stall!

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