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Burnt Cream

Burnt Cream

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Dinner Party: in photos!

Posted by Emma Bentley on May 22 2011, 14:21pm

21st May 2011

A slice of pear wrapped in cured ham with rocket leaves
A spear of white asparagus wrapped in bacon with a foaming hollandaise sauce
Roast pork in cider with thyme, apples, potatoes and courgettes
Lime cheesecake soufflé, served with an iced green tea
Pecan snap cases filled with strawberries and drizzled white chocolate sauce
accompanied by a Nutella pannacotta

the appetiser
the asparagus and bacon
... and with the foaming hollandaise
main course
soufflés starting to rise
Step 1: making the cases.
Step 2: in the oven.
Step 3: cooling. draped over an espresso cup to give shape
the cups filled with strawberries
Nutella Pannacotta
second pudding - finished! 

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