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The Best Croissant in Paris

The Best Croissant in Paris
The Best Croissant in Paris
The Best Croissant in Paris

I have quite happily accepted a new mission: to discover the best croissant au beurre in Paris.

Some unsuspecting visitors to France may be disappointed when they go into a boulangerie and order "un croissant" because what often happens is that they are given an 'ordinary croissant' which is made with margarine instead of butter and, as a result, has totally lost its "je ne sais quoi." However, you, my dear readers, will not fall into that bottomless pit of despair because you are now all the wiser! It is the words "un croissant au beurre, s'il vous plait" that must be uttered at the counter to avoid that crushing desolation.

On a side note, if you really want to earn some extra foodie points, there really is nothing better than reading this article from pastry-chef-turned-food-god David Lebovitz.

And as another aside, without a doubt, the best type of croissant (according to my tastebuds - not necessarily my waistline) is one with every kind of butter, fat and cheese as can be found in one of Paris' most talked-about tapas restaurants Dans Les Landes. Not so suitable for breakfast (unless you're on a mission to clog up your arteries) but it's a real melting, oozing, decadent indulgence on those special occasions.

But, back to the task in hand, finding Paris' best croissant au beurre. To read all the entries for the croissant competition, click here.

Well, the new entry has blown the socks off the competition. The outside shell seems so hard that when I gave the croissant a gentle squeeze through the bag, I thought I'd been given the dried-out runt of the selection. How wrong I was! The smell was luxuriously buttery, it ripped apart with ease and in your mouth the folds of pastry were detectable and, and, and, it just squuuuuidged.......... And just to top it all off, the flavours linger in your mouth so even once there is nothing left but crumbs, you remain in food-heaven! Speaking about the crumbs, that's a tiny downside... the pastry is so flaky that it will cover you so thoroughly that it'll become like a second skin, just of croissant pastry crumbs!

So where can I find this most delectable of croissants, I hear you ask... well it's here, at La Badine de Martine, 74 rue Crozatier, 75012, very near the Marché d'Aligré and well worth stopping off here before/after/during your visit to the market.

P.S. I fully accept the fact that this mission is far from over yet. In fact, it will keeping going as long as individual boulangeries continue making croissants according to their own recipes, with such little standardisation, and this is a practice that looks set to stay. Therefore, I heartily welcome your suggestions on where you think the best croissant in Paris is or if you can think of a particular place that I ought to try... so please get the ball rolling. :)

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