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Burnt Cream

Springtime in Paris

Spring has arrived in Paris.

Admittedly you can't fully relax yet, knowing that, at any moment, you could still be hit by a sudden April shower. Still, the weather on the whole has been pretty darn good recently and as long as the temperature stays in the high teens/twenties, I'm not complaining!

Taken on my walk into school this morning.
The leaves are out on the trees which line the boulevards and avenues. Parisians are able to exchange our winter coats for spring-time jackets, our hemlines are rising and, dare I say it, I've even left the house without wearing hosiery!

However, what it was for me that has spelt out the start of spring has been the arrival of what I consider summery fruits in the markets and shops around Paris.

Today's delicious discovery were these strawberries from Spain.

Now all I'd like is for the weather at the weekends (when I can truly appreciate it!) to be good enough to enjoy some of this newly available produce with a picnic at one of Paris' many gorgeous parks.

If you're trying to decipe upon a picnic-spot, you can't go wrong with the old classics: le Jardin du Luxembourg (in the 6th), le Parc Monceau (in the 8th)... but you could also try out the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (in the 19th) or the Parc Montsouris (literally "Mice Mountain"!) (in the 14th).

And finally, even though you can click here for a link to the best online weather forecasts for Paris, don't be so cocky as to leave for your picnic without taking an umbrella - just in case! 

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