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Burnt Cream

La Galette des Moulins, 75018

This is my favourite bakery on la Butte Montmartre. 

Very conveniently situated just off the Place du Tertre, at 1 ter rue Norvins, for when you need a quick bite of energy, the Galette des Moulins does not just sell buttery croissants and pain au chocolats. 

Oh no, it also has a great range of tarts.

As well as a selection of quiches, including this spinach and ricotta one. 

They're moderately well priced too, at between 2 and 3 euros a pop. That's what I'd expect to pay for something like that in a non-touristy area. However, watch out because it's the drink if you order one which bumps up the price considerably (e.g. another 2-3 euros for a 500ml bottle.)

One of the main advantages of this place is that it's possible to sit in as well as to take away. There are only a few tables (outside on the patio) but they were already taken when we went, so we had ours "a emporter."

What we decided on was a "Tarte Amandine aux Poires" (a poached pear surrounded by almond-y goodness - a classic combination!) 

And a "Paris Religieuse, au chocolat" (as opposed to the coffee flavoured "au café" which was also on offer) which is basically choux pastry with lots of cream and chocolate. It looks like this at first...

But I can assure you, after just a few moments (when I looked away from my camera and back at the pastry) it already looked like this!! :)

Well worth remembering.

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1 ter. rue Norvins, 75018

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