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Pizzeria Al Taglio, 75011

Pizzeria Al Taglio, 75011Pizzeria Al Taglio, 75011

"Al Taglio" is the Italian phrase for "by the cut" and, yes, in this little restaurant in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, just like in Rome, you order your pizza by the slice.

They have a mouth-watering selection of pizzas laid out at the counter - often very different toppings from what you might typically find in a pizzaria.

Once you've selected your pizza, it's weighed, priced - you pay for your pizza by the kilo - and reheated. It's not cheap (the slices in the photo cost me 5 euros).... but then, in my tastebuds humble opinion, it was totally worth it. You can either sit inside - they have managed to fit in a few tables, enough for 20-30 covers, I'd say - or you can take it away ("a emporter" in French.)

When you first bite into your slice of pizza, you realise how crispy the base is, then how chewy the crust is and at the same time, you get the flavours of the toppings. Mine, topped with a variety of cheese, thinly sliced aubergine and chopped walnuts, was a little bit greasy if I'm honest, but the subtle garlic coming through more than made up for it.

It's one of the best pizzas I've had in Paris. I'd be happy to take any Italians here! As I've heard the French say, "ce resto vaut le détour!" (It's worth the detour!)

Two addresses now in Paris as the second restaurant on the rue Saintonge opened up in 2011. I went to the one on rue Neuve Popincourt.


**Tip: for possibly The Best pizza, try Da Pietro - link below.**

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