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Burnt Cream

Le Baron Rouge, 75012

Le Baron Rouge, 75012
Le Baron Rouge, 75012
Le Baron Rouge, 75012
Le Baron Rouge, 75012

When I first arrived in Paris, this wine bar was on the top of my list of places to go. 

It's a wine bar with a good, although not extensive, selection of French wines, available by the glass, the 'pot' or the bottle, all at very reasonable prices (you're looking at between 2 and 3.50 euros for a glass.) When you first walk in, it's not at all obvious what to do. Don't worry.... it's ok, you just need to be able to read the hieroglyphics on the blackboard behind the bar. If you're still clueless, go up to the bar, say "bonjour/bonsoir", flash your best smile and ask what the barman can suggest. 

They also serve delicious plates of rustic French cuisine. My partner in crime and I plumped for the "grande assiette de charcuterie" although the table next to us had a great plate of squidgy cheeses and that looked and smelt phenomenal. The other perk are the fresh oysters on sale just on the pavement outside the bar so if you want to make a romantic evening of it, it's definitely possible.

Filled with what seemed like predominantly locals - but friendly ones at that - of all ages, we happily whiled away two or three hours here. One thing to bear in mind is that, even on a Friday night, they close at 10pm! But being turned out onto the street prematurely did little to sour my feelings about this place and so if anyone wants to go here, let me know and I'll willingly show you the way!

**Update: went back here recently and got harassed from someone who had clearly had too much to drink and was making a nuisance of himself, not just to us but to everyone around us. Unfortunately the owner was not forthcoming in helping us out and asking the man to leave. Rather disappointed, I left soon after.**

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