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Burnt Cream

La Rhumerie, 75006

**Good news! La Rhumerie has re-opened! Already packed full of locals and tourists alike all sampling the delicious rums, I hot-footed back and here is the link to the new post.** 

La Rhumerie reopens on 10th March 2011!!!
*** I walked past La Rhumerie this evening (9th March 2011) and unfortunately, I have to report back to you all that La Rhumerie is definitely not going to be reopening tomorrow. The place is still a building site and actually looks like it's in exactly the same state it was in when I walked past a month ago. 
I'm going to keep a beady eye on this place and will let you know when it's open... but please leave me a comment if you know what's happening / when its new expected opening date is.*** 
Do you like rum? We do! In honour of La Rhumerie (literally meaning 'the rum place') on boulevard Saint Germain in Paris reopening tomorrow after its refurbishment, I dedicate this blog post.
This photo was taken in La Rhumerie almost exactly a year ago. 

This great but unassuming little place specialises in rum. Any rum. All rum. As you can see from my drink in the photo above, it does long cocktails, but as you can also see from my friend's drink, it also serves rum on the rocks, with just sugar syrup and, in this case, a passion fruit so you can mix the drink yourself.

However, this is not for the faint-hearted, Even once you've mixed the drink yourself, it's still very, very strong! :)

They also serve good quality, Caribbean-themed food, which as well as obviously complementing the rums very well, also can abate any drunken hunger pangs. When we were here, there was a spectacular thunderstorm outside, which, not that we needed it at all!, gave us a perfect excuse to stay for another drink, or two, or three, combined with the very tasty Creole appetisers (especially the open crab sandwich) and let the storm pass by. And pssst!, it's also reputedly the favourite hang-out for France's ex-President Jacques Chirac so keep an eye out for celebrities while you're here.

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