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Au Pied de Fouet, 75011

Au Pied de Fouet, 75011
Quite late on Saturday evening, Mr M and I were scouring the area around avenue de la République for somewhere to eat. We were lucky enough to come across a great little find: "Au Pied de Fouet" on the rue Oberkampf, practically opposite the more popular, Cafe Charbon.

It's a very traditional French restaurant, serving quality food at reasonable prices and most of all, not at all pretentious. It claims to pride itself on two main principles, convivialité et simplicité, and I would vouch for that in the blink of an eye. 

First of all, we were greeted immediately by Guillaume, the patron, who gave us the choice of either a table for two towards the back in about 5-10 mins, or a corner of the communal table available immediately. We decided upon the latter, and with a little twinkle in his eye, he told us that he'd only sit nice people down on the communal table next to us. 

I ordered the confit de canard with puréed potatoes while Mr M had an entrecôte steak with a pepper sauce and sautéed potatoes, washed down with a Malbec - apparently it was their 'vin du mois.

The confit de canard was delicious. Crispy skin, perfectly cooked duck and with the kind of fattiness that melts in your mouth and makes eating duck so enjoyable!
The steak was less cooked what than we'd asked for, but then that is often the case with a lot of restaurants in Paris.... you ask for medium, you get rare, you ask for rare, you get blue, so it pays to be aware of this. But I'll say this much, the pepper sauce was definitely not lacking in gusto, so much so that I had to help out sopping up his sauce with some baguette at the end. 

I ought to give a special mention to the yummy tarte-tatin!

Finally, in the spirit of conviviality I suppose, we were very pleased to get a digestif on the house at the end of our meal - apparently it was because we'd started chatting to another English couple on a table nearby and so we all got a free round!

In short, it was very nearly midnight by the time we left, we both enjoyed it very much and I'm definitely planning on going back! You go because you're looking for something classic, without being spectacular. If you ever have guests in town, this is a good spot.

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