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Burnt Cream

Angelina, 75001

Phoar! This is decadence at its most refined. Come here and you will leave feeling like a queen! (albeit a queen who won't be able to look at chocolate for at least a month!) 

The interior of this wonderful palace is ornate but elegant - very reminiscent of la Belle Epoque - and after just visiting Napoleon III's apartments in the Louvre, it feels very much like you've been transported back to that time, but not at all in a bad way. 

Their speciality is the "Africain" hot chocolate and you can not come here and not have it. At almost 7 euros per person, it may not be cheap, but it is worth every centime! 

This hot chocolate is served with a small pot of whipped cream and a carafe of chilled, crystal clear water. It's thick. It's sweet. There is also a little kick of spice in it. It's also a one-way highway to diabetes!

They also served delicious pastries and I've heard great things about their Mont Blanc, although, to be quite honest, the hot chocolate alone was more than enough for my friend and I, and we consider ourselves to have quite a sweet tooth. 

I had the chance to peruse the rest of their menu while waiting to order. They do a full range of lunches including the superbly mis-translated "soft goat with avocado" ("moelleux de chèvre a l'avocat.") Their wine list is also good - they have a comprehensive selection, at surprisingly reasonable prices. Next time, I would love to come back and have a salad with a glass of crisp white wine (one from the Loire possibly... although there were more reds to choose from) and the hot chocolate for pudding! 

Finally, don't be surprised if you see a queue going out the door for a table in this most indulgent of establishments. Although, from where we were on the first floor, it really doesn't seem like it, they do actually have 180 covers so the queue should move quite fast.

Open every day from 9am-7pm.

N.B. There are three other Angelinas to take note of - one in Porte Maillot, another in the Louvre Museum and the third in the Chateau of Versailles.

Angelina, 75001Angelina, 75001

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