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Burnt Cream

Burnt Cream

A Food Blog For Dining Out and Eating In

La Cave de Don Doudine, 75018 La Cave de Don Doudine, 75018 Photo credit: Martin Parr There’s been a huge hullaballoo around the opening of la Brasserie Barbes this week. Apparently, we’re supposed to be up in arms about how the area around Barbes-Rochechouart station is being reclaimed by hipsters. Apparently,... Read more
Cafe Chilango, 75011 Cafe Chilango, 75011 Picture the scene: “So we’re opening a new spot in Paris. The hipster market is booming right now and we should make that our focus. What do we need?” – Ethnic food served on small plates. Check. – Beer from Deck and Donohue. Check. – Coffee from Cafe... Read more
Mococha, 75005 Mococha, 75005 Since 2009, Marie-Helene Gantois has been selecting very best from very best chocolatiers in France and selling them in her independant shop on the bustling market street rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement. The three featured chocolatiers are Fabrice... Read more
Le Café des Musées, 75003 Le Café des Musées, 75003 So many people ask me where you can find steak-frites in Paris. Or where are the best escargots in the city? For longer than I would care to admit, these questions had me scratching my head…. I have lived here for so long that I’m no longer craving these... Read more
Rossi & Co, 75002 Rossi & Co, 75002 Marco Rossi is a star, about whom we food-writers do not give enough air-time. I have had the pleasure of eating there several times now, a pleasure for which I doth my cap to Ottava Vino, the organisers of these amazing wine-dinners. Tucked away behind... Read more
La Pâtisserie des Rêves, 75116 La Pâtisserie des Rêves, 75116 “Et voila” she scowls as she throws the plates down in front of us. La Pâtisserie des Rêves has been an address I’ve long admired. It was during my first week in Paris that I had my first taste of the Paris-Brest… but my love peaked at the moment that... Read more
Golosino, 75005 Golosino, 75005 The rue Mouffetard is known for many things… but to find a good Italian pizza joint along this cute, narrow cobbled street n’est pas évident. It was only because of a tip-off from Thomas at DOSE, the neighbourhood coffee shop, that I even gave a second... Read more
La Maison Thai, 75018 La Maison Thai, 75018 Tucked away on an off-street behind the rue de l’Olive is a real no-frills, authentic Thai place. La Maison Thai. It would be a rather unremarkable shopfront were it not for the queue out the door during the lunch rush. It’s one of these places that I... Read more
La Mosquée, 75005 La Mosquée, 75005 Escapism. It really is a wonderful thing to clear the mind. To sit quietly by yourself, in a place outside your comfort zone (by that I mean, not your local coffee shop.. y’know, the one with the free-wifi, where you sit in that same spot by the window…)... Read more
La Petite Marquise, 75116 La Petite Marquise, 75116 I find the line 2 métro fascinating. Of all the different lines, it is peut-être this one which covers the widest range of Parisian communities. Starting off at Nation, moving through the Chinese communities in Belleville and Menilmontant, you see the... Read more
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